Sticks and Stones

Warp Fibre:

Supima Cotton

Weft Fibre:  Marine Silk - 51% silk, 29% superwash merino wool, 20% seacell (blue/grey/blush)

Length:  3.5m

This wrap is quite thin in hand, with a gorgeously drape.  The marine silk provides a smooth and lofty texture, which will provide a cushy textureon the shoulders, without being the least bit thick.  The resulting wrap is bouncy, supportive and strong, but soft enough right out of the box, to be used with a newborn.  This wrap will last from newborn stage right through to toddlerhood and beyond, and it will not require any breaking in.  The silk and seacell content provide the strength, while the wool provides the warm hug.  It is gloriously soft and squishy after wet finishing and ironing.  The tails have been hemmed with a blunt edge.


Care instructions:  While this wrap contains Superwash merino, we strongly recommend hand washing, and laying it flat to dry.

Marine Silk - 3.5m


    Ottawa, ON, Canada